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The NATE BERKUS Fan Club Web Page
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Me & My 4-Legged Kid

Hello, I'm Bill Stevens the self appointed President & Founder of the Nate Berkus Fan Club & this Web Page.  If you'd like to share some information with me or have me consider something to be added to this page, please click on the email address listed below - to send me a note.
Thanks for Visiting & I hope you've enjoyed this Web Page.

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Bill Stevens & Dylan

Bill Stevens is also the founder & a lead contributor to the O-Group that is located on the Oprah (Winfrey) web page ( called "Ask A Gay Guy Anything".
*** NEW ***  Bill has also launched his own Shopping Website called EverythingButTheBow.  Please feel free to click on the provided link below & checkout this one of a kind shopping experience. ***

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And here's another picture of our favorite hunk...
Nate Berkus