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The NATE BERKUS Fan Club Web Page

Here's a chance for you to contribute.

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On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received via e-mail. In some cases, I also may also respond to those comments. Please get in touch!
I LOVE to get email, so see my link to sending me email on the "Contact Me" page of this web page.  Even if it's just to say how much you do or don't (though these may tend to get lost) like this web page.
Tidbits:  Did you know that Nate's college education is NOT in Interior Design?  He's self-taught (I'm sure greatly influenced by his Designer Mother) and has learned through experience.
So, you think you saw Nate walking down the street in Chicago, but don't know for sure?  Well, just look at his feet!  If the guy is wearing shoes without socks - it's probably Nate.  (Nate never wears socks with his shoes & only dons socks when wearing boots.)...LOL, how's that for a true tidbit?

Nate acting goofy & wearing a sombrero.

July 04: 
I'm hearing from some of you via email and appreciate your comments and email.  I know EVERYONE wants to see more pictures and I post as many as I can find on-line, that I am able to copy & post.  If you see one that I don't have posted, copy & send it to me (along with where you found it)....People (mainly us GUYS) have been writing me and I've gotten email messages from as far away as Saudi Arabia - so Nate's charm is appreciated world wide!  (See New Gossip info on the News & Gossip page!)

I've received more than one email saying that Nate is a super sweet & nice guy - that what you see on television, really is who he is.  Many people say they knew Nate, before he was "Nate" and he's always been a nice guy.