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First let me say that this is an unofficial & unauthorized web page.  I do not know or am in anyway affiliated with Nate or his company.  I'm just a BIG Fan!  (All information has been acquired through public sources.)
WELCOME!  I'm creating this web page because like lots of you - I just love Mr. Nate!  This web page is just for the pure enjoyment of people (men & women) who just love everything about Nate.  So Enjoy!
(This web page was last updated on 11/19/06.)
See the New Tab (at top of page - titled Exclusive Photos) that has an EXCLUSIVE picture that was granted by renowed photographer Kevin Hees to be displayed only here on this website!
Nate is now on XM Satellite Radio!  For those of us who just can't get enough of our beloved hunk, you can now catch him on the radio.  Nate can be heard on "Oprah & Friends" on XM Satellite Radio.  (Now I know what to ask Santa for this Christmas.)
BIG NEWS - In the December 5, 2005 edition of the USA Today newspaper there was a story about our beloved Nate and it even mentioned this website!  (See full article on the "USA Today (12/5/05)" tab.)
11/11/05 - TWO NEW ITEMS - Please see the Linens 'n Things link located below (or on the "Related Links" tab of this website) and also see my new personal link located on the "Contact Me" tab of this website.
THIS JUST IN! - See some Hot New Gossip on the "News & Gossip" tab of this website!  Nate is said to be Dating!
Please note that I've now added a separate Tsunami tab.  
I've also added new pictures of Nate on many of the different pages within this website. 
And checkout the Biggest News about Nate and his deal with Linens 'n Things!)

Click on this link NOW to see the Nate Berkus line at Linens 'n Things!

Not only is Nate a Great Designer, he also has a wonderful personality that just exudes from the televsion set, everytime he's on.  He's the guy that everyone likes - Charming, Witty & Warm.  And on top of all of that - he's not bad on the eyes!  Wow, ok - so he's gorgeous!
So sit back and enjoy all this wonderful fluff about the hunky designer we all know & love - Nate Berkus.
Please click on the tabs above to see more information regarding Nate's Biography, News & Gossip about Nate and of course those Pictures we all love to view.  There's also links to other sites and on the "Contact Me" tab you'll find information about me (Bill Stevens - self appointed President & Founder of the Nate Berkus Fan Club) and how to get ahold of me & to share information on Nate - I'm always looking for tidbits of informaion.

Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to check back often.


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