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The Queer Community

For Men Only

Welcome to The Queer Community (TQC) a website that was created specifically for those of us who are bold enough to want something Queerly Different.
TQC is the one place on the internet where you can take being yourself up a whole notch.
Now if you're Hot & Bold enough to want to go further, click on the appropriate links and start having fun.

TQC is 100% Gay Owned & Operated and we're Proud of that fact!  We have no way of knowing the true sexual orientation of our vendors, but we do know what kind of products and services our community is looking for.  We hope we are bringing you those items here in The Queer Community.  (-Mr. Bill)

If you have a Product or Service that you'd like to have considered to be include on THE QUEER COMMUNITY web page - please contact us at the below email address for Rates, Conditions & Other Details.

You can always e-mail us at:

This many Queer People are....

....showing their TQC support!

TQC is Pride in Action!