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The Queer Community

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Welcome to the Queer Community!

Yes Baby - We're Coming Soon!
Watch here for the exciting new launch of the hottest website to ever serve the Queer Community!
Please click on any of the words on the Far Left Side of this page to go to that particular tab of this website.

Under Construction
We're in the process of creating this exciting new website - please see details below.

TQC is Pride in Action!

The Queer Community will be the one stop web site for finding Queer Friendly Products & Services.  We'll work to keep our dollars within our community.  We'll also reach out and encourage our supportive straight allies to join in and support us also.
If you have a Product or Service that you would like to advertise on this web page, please see our contact information below.  (Any Product or Service advertised on our web site, must automatically come with a Money Back Guarantee for anyone purchasing your Product or Service.  We want both the Seller & Purchaser to have a positive transaction.  We will strive to ensure that everyone who uses The Queer Community finds it to be a very pleasureable experience.)
If you are somone who just wants to support the GLBT (& Support Straight) Community by purchasing a Product or Service and keeping the dollars within our own community - then please check back often for the launch of this exciting new website.

Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

(Text for above picture.)

TQC is Pride in Action!

If you have a Product or Service that you'd like to have considered to be include on THE QUEER COMMUNITY web page - please contact us at the below email address for Rates, Conditions & Other Details.

You can queerly e-mail us at:

Our Company * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234

Join Us & Show Your TQC Pride!
Founder & President of TQC - Bill Stevens & Dylan

This many Queers & Support Straight Allies....

....our showing their TQC support!

TQC is Pride in Action!