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Send A Dollar To A Dog!
Progress Page

                                     ***Drum Roll Please!***
So far we've received the following amount toward a new home and yard for Dylan to live and play in.
As of 5/9/04 the
CURRENT TOTAL is:  $51.00!
(hey, it's a start!)
The Largest Donation (for those wanting to send more than a single dollar) was from the US State of:  IL
The donation sent from the Farthest Location, was received from:  Michigan (USA)
So far we've received donations from the following US StatesIL, TX, MI
We've also received donations from the following Foreign Countries:  (none yet)
*Please Note:  No Names or other personal information of Donors will ever be listed on this page (unless requested by the donor).

Dylan being a party dog.

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