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Send A Dollar To A Dog!
The Email Letter


Send A Dollar To A Dog!

This is not a chain letter and it is not a joke it's a real request.  My dog is a Sheltie named Dylan who needs/deserves a new home for us to live in.  Dylan loves to spend lots of one on one time with me (his Dad) and he especially loves practicing and playing during his dog Agility.  (Which he's very good at just look at the pictures on his web page.)

The reason I'm asking all of you good hearted people to send just ONE DOLLAR each is just this.  I (Dylans Dad) was laid off (after working for 20 years with the same Company) in October of 2002 and now need to sell my home because of my financial (or lack there of) situation.  I hope to move from IL to FL to make a new start in a new place.  My townhouse (in IL) was a present to Dylan on his 3rd Birthday.  So now it's not fair to Dylan to have to live in a small apartment, when we move to FL.  He deserves better.  He needs a small yard to play in and a home of his own.  So I'm asking everyone who can, to send us a single dollar to apply toward a new home and a new beginning.

You can see pictures of Dylan and track the progress and dollar amount raised (so far) towards Dylans new home on the following web page.  Please take a look at

If every person who receives this email would send just one thin dollar, we'll eventually have enough money for a down payment or to buy Dylan a new home with a yard of his own to play in.  Please send a single dollar bill (or more if you'd like) to the following address:

Bill Stevens & Dylan

8902 Legacy Court

# 307

Kissimmee, FL 34747

Once you've sent your dollar, please do us one last favor and forward this email along to 5 or 6 new people.  You won't have good luck if you do this and you won't have bad luck if you don't - you'll just have the satisfaction of knowing you helped a dog get a new home and a yard of his own!

Thank You,

-Bill & Dylan

Web Page:  (no .com at the end)